What Goes Into The Diet Patch

Yerba Mate is a plant originating from the Holly family. It is usually found growing across Chile, Peru, Argentina and Brazil but found in abundance across Paraguay in refined form. However, only recently has Yerba Mate been discovered in other parts of the world for having wonderful health benefits, in particular as an active ingredient in diet patches. Generally consumed as a drink, the Guarani Indians in South America swear by Yerba Mate as an appetite suppressant. They strongly believe that it can stop hunger as well as making you feel invigorated and full of energy - a potent stimulant.

Yerba Mate energises the body by stimulating the nervous system, therefore having effects on the body similar to that of coffee - although it does not contain the amount of caffeine that coffee does so the chances of any side effects are highly unlikely. There are many benefits to Yerba Mate, for example, helping to lower the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood stream even the prevention of oral cancer. It has high levels of powerful polyphenols which have a strong anti-cancer effect on mammals and it is now believed that it can have the same effects upon humans.

Yerba Mate is said to be able to help with weight loss, boost your immune system and be full of nutrients and antioxidants. It has been the subject of weight loss trials for many, many years and in 2000 a research study was performed at the Charlottenlund Medical Centre in Denmark. This study concluded that when Yerba Mate was mixed with other ingredients such as Guarana and Damiana, it significantly delayed gastric emptying, while helping to increasing the amount of time the person felt full after a meal. This of course, led to participants of the trial losing significant amounts of weight over a 45 day period.

In June 2001, a study that was published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics stated that Yerba Mate slowed digestion while speeding up metabolism, again suggesting that it may be an aid to weight loss. It is also believed to be thermogenic in nature, meaning it may encourage the body to burn more calories. In an additional study performed in Switzerland by the University of Lausanne, the participants demonstrated a big increase in the total fat their bodies burned for energy.

Yerba Mate extract is one of the important components found in the better quality weight loss patches. Unlike a lot of other diet patches, this one is clinically proven to work and extremely effective at stopping hunger pangs as previous studies have shown. Therefore, a smaller amount of food is consumed and a lower amount of calories, eliminating any unwanted fat.

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How To Remove Bags Under Eyes

One of the biggest problems beauty-wise is the occurrence of dark circles under the eyes as this makes a person look tired and haggard. And as they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul. So how to get rid of bags under eyes? Well, it all depends on what caused the dark eye circles to appear in the first place. As we all know, the human body is such a complicated thing and many medical or health related issues are merely theories rather than proven fact. But that does not stop beauty product companies from producing new beauty products that promise to make you more beautiful or get rid of some annoying pimple since the industry is a multi-billion dollar one.

Besides, everyone's body reacts differently to a product and there is really no solid proof that a particular product is very effective or totally worthless. In fact, the general consensus can only serve as a guide unless the result is dramatically adverse such as someone developing a massive case of skin allergy after using a certain product. It is the same with creams that promise to remove under eye bags. I have used cheap, mass market brands that cost just a few dollars for a tube and it worked wonders - literally removing dark eye circles overnight. I have also used high end brands that cost over $60 for a tiny bottle of under eye treatment cream which had similar results.

So maybe that is the good part. You do not necessarily have to spend huge amounts of money getting only high end brand products with the misguided belief that they work better than cheaper brands. You should really ask for samples of dark circle eye treatment creams to try out because like I said, the results are usually visible overnight so you don't even have to wait a whole week or use up an entire bottle to see if a product works to get rid of bags under eyes.