Three Easy Techniques to Relieve Stress Fast

Counter the negative affects with natural herbal remedies . Uncontrolled stress will have a negative effect on our health and well-being and even cause some illnesses to be worse than they need to be.  Stress will also affect sleep, relationships, mood, and our concentration. There are proven methods to help reduce stress on our bodies and can even improve our health and well being.   Here are three simple relaxation techniques that are easy to learn and use that will get results fast. We are often told to take a deep breath when things get a little stressed or we feel anxious. Some say this doesn’t help them relax at all. Some feel taking a deep breath actually increase stress levels and makes relaxation more difficult. Learning a process called abdominal breathing is the key. Learning abdominal breathing when you are calm is a very good relaxation technique that you can use when you are stressed. After you are stressed will be too late to learn this. Learn when you are calm and relaxed to get the most benefit. Here’s how. Place one hand on your abdomen and another on your chest. Slow down and breathe deep. Which hand moved? Concentrate on breathing in very slowly until the hand on your abdomen moves with your breathing and the hand on your chest remains still. Practice this twice a day in front of a mirror and soon you will see the results. When you do you will then begin to feel the results as well. Be careful not to take to many deep breaths, as this will make you dizzy. Abdominal breathing can be a very effective relaxation method to calm your mind and body. Another thing that is overlooked is having a relaxing shower. How? By getting yourself an adjustable showerhead that allows you to adjust the flow of water to a pulsating jet to massage away all the stress.