Mangosteen is the Buzz Today

All and sundry these days are talking about natural herbal remedies, how to eat and drink hale and hearty that it is hard to keep up with the tempo of products that are out there waiting to be consumed. From all kinds of exotic berries to green tea and even coffee, it appears that practically every kind of drink and fruit has some good quality medicine to offer to mankind. There is one fruit though that has been used since the beginning of man in the Eastern world for its manifold beneficial anti-inflammatory health proprieties which only in recent times have been discovered in the Western hemisphere and has been object of deep scrutiny by the many health care professionals to confirm the genuineness of such properties. It is called the wonder fruit by many or mangosteen. This wonder fruit originated in Southern Asia, is also known under the name of Xango the location where the mangosteen is usually grown. Many persons surmise that this fruit belongs to the mango class but professionals have revealed that it in general comes from an Asian tropical evergreen tree.